Product Engineering

We build software products using next generation technologies in agile methodology. Our product suite includes software to support DIY, Retail and Assisted Online businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

H&R Block has partnered with IBM to provide our clients with a new, one-of-a-kind customer experience. In doing so, we’re combining over 60 years of tax expertise with Watson cognitive computing technology from IBM. Imagine combining the brainpower of our Tax Pros with the cognitive computing of Watson. We’re creating our most personalized tax experience ever.

Robotic Process Automation

Leveraging, Robotic Process Automation, we have enriched customer experience by building software robots to automate business process.

Cloud Computing

We leverage the power of Cloud to create scalable and robust technical solutions while remaining cost efficient. We have mastered the art of building on-demand contact center solutions to address the dynamic needs of seasonal businesses.

Mobile First

With a “mobile first” development approach, we are creating world class solutions that provide simple and intuitive user interface to our clients.


We are embracing the agility of DevOps and automation principles like continuous integration to reduce time to market and enhance quality.